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Training Course:

Advanced Mechanical Seals and Systems

Completion of Engineered Sealing System course (above) or equivalent is a pre-requisite for participation in the Advanced Mechanical Seal Systems course.

This instructor-led course introduces more advanced principles of mechanical seals and seal support systems, including seal materials, performance and reliability, problem solving and root cause analysis. Learning is through an effective blend of classroom theory sessions and practical, hands-on exercises.

A certificate is issued to delegates on successful completion of the course.

Learning Objectives

This advanced course is the second part of a two-course program. The training course is intended to meet more in-depth learning needs of end-user/OEM/contractor personnel working with rotating equipment, such as centrifugal pumps used in process industries.

Upon completion of this course, learners should be able to:

  • Share a detailed overview of pump and seal chamber design principles
  • Apply advanced engineering principles of mechanical seal and support system design to identify potential solutions for underperforming systems
  • Solve case study issues by selecting the appropriate materials for use in common sealing applications.
  • Recall the appropriate steps and processes for mechanical seal assembly and installation using safe working practices
  • Apply ISO and API shaft sealing standards to the selection of appropriate seals for common sealing applications.
  • Conduct a detailed observation analysis to identify and resolve mechanical seal failures associated with rotating equipment

Intended Audience (Industry/Role)

This course is directly relevant to those working in process plants using rotating equipment fitted with mechanical seals and associated support equipment — particularly including industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, and waste and water treatment.

The course is aimed at end-user plant engineers responsible for the installation, operation, maintenance and reliability of rotating equipment, including those working in management, engineering, operations and technician roles.

The course is also relevant to engineers working in rotating equipment OEMs and as process plant contractors.

Dates and Registration

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