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Training Course:

Oilfield Microbiology

This course explains this often overlooked aspect of oilfield chemistry and gives hands-on training in how to monitor microorganisms in order to control them. Uncontrolled microbial growth can lead to reservoir souring, micro-biologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and process upsets, costing hundreds of millions of dollars. The instructor will introduce some of the microorganisms that grow in oil fields, discuss the major problems they cause and give practical advice on microbial monitoring and mitigation.

Learning is through an effective blend of classroom theory sessions, hands-on practical and theoretical exercises and group discussions on actual field case studies. In addition, modules on sampling procedures, locations, preservation and ATP testing techniques will be included. A certificate is issued to delegates on successful completion of the course.

Learning Objectives

Uncontrolled microbial activity in oilfields can lead to major asset integrity, safety and environmental problems costing hundreds of millions of dollars. These can be avoided by taking a proactive approach to microbial monitoring and mitigation; saving time, money and improving production.

This training course is designed to give attendees a good understanding of the different types of microorganisms found within the oilfield environment, the major issues they cause and how to effectively control them to minimise their effects.

Key objectives of the course include:

  • Learn how, and under what conditions, microorganisms cause reservoir souring and corrosion.
  • Determining which microorganisms play a significant part in corrosion, reservoir souring and process upsets, in order to interpret microbiological data.
  • Being able to identify solutions for microbial monitoring and mitigation, including practical experience in microbiological sampling and ATP analysis.

Intended Audience (Industry/Role)

The two day course is suitable for anyone who has responsibility for reservoir souring and the integrity of process facilities and pipelines.

Dates and Registration

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