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Troubleshooting and debottlenecking studies

As technology advances, it is vital that the oil industry adapts to changing technical and commercial challenges. Assets around the world, originally designed for perhaps a 20 year lifespan, are still in production today, as the commercial environment has extended their viability. To maximize the potential of such older installations, it is important that their productivity is maintained with minimal economic implications.

Poor performance of systems can lead to process bottlenecks, non-conformance with legislation and run the risk of creating adverse local environmental impacts. Maintaining or improving the performance of existing water injection systems can help sustain, or in some cases, improve current production at reduced operating cost and improved system availability.

It is well known that John Crane's team has been involved in investigating the cause of some of the most infamous operational shut-downs in recent years: and our expertise and past project experience ensured the clients had successful resolutions to the problems at hand. We have multi-disciplined teams of engineers and technologists with extensive experience in conducting full system audits on a wide variety of plants worldwide that are under-performing, both onshore and offshore, to establish the root cause of process issues and provide recommendations to implement remedial measures.