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Process engineering design studies

John Crane's team can provide help and advice during the early stages of oil and gas field developments. It is important, even at this stage, to ensure that the correct space and weight have been allowed for the water treatment system, whether it is planned immediately, or for installation later on in the field's life.

We have the engineering and production chemistry capabilities, supported by all the necessary laboratory facilities, specialist on-site equipment and process simulation, to develop and achieve the most cost-effective solution for your operational requirements.

Basis of design

The aim is to design a system that will work under all conditions, with the best techno-economic cost. If the system is over-designed, capital is wasted. If it is under-designed, it will not be capable of dealing with the poorest water quality that it sees, thus leading to well work-overs or infringements of environmental legislation. There are two fundamental requirements for any new plant design’s success:

  • Determination of the degree of filtration necessary to prevent plugging of the injection well
  • The detailed analysis of the source water(s) to establish, amongst other things, the concentration and size distribution of organic and particulate matter, and the chemical composition

We have the capability to plan and control a water sampling and analysis program which includes a combination of on-site and laboratory work to analyze and evaluate the potential problems which would have a detrimental effect on reservoir injectivity and surface equipment. 

Process design

We design site-specific water treatment and injection systems, both for pressure maintenance of the reservoirs, as well as sub-surface disposal. 

Our design process begins with the full characterization of the raw water quality and the injection requirements, and takes into account a variety of factors including source water characteristics and reservoir requirements.

Our studies determine the compatibility of the source water(s) when commingled, and the injection/formation water compatibility. Based on the results,  our engineering experts conduct a feasibility study to determine the most cost-effective design, continue working with your team on the conceptual design to the final, approved design.

We can also work with in-house experts during the conceptual design phase to ensure the overall design and equipment specifications are correct prior to purchase.

Front end engineering design (FEED)

In support of the process design, we can also provide FEED, incorporating civil, control, electrical and instrumentation (E&I), piping and structural designs using the latest industry software to optimize the process. We also make use of our database of water treatment and injection projects, spanning over 35 years and covering onshore and offshore applications in all parts of the globe.

We can also provide further input to the design process by helping with the comparison of bids. Our engineers are frequently asked to fulfil the role of client representative with the EPC or detailed engineering contractor to ensure that the design parameters and objectives for the project continue to be met.


Our team has exposure to numerous process systems worldwide; both onshore and offshore, and therefore bring a wealth of experience during commissioning of oilfield water processing systems. 

During and after commissioning, we provide short and long-term support in running the unit. During this phase, we provide training for operations to help them better understand the process and how to react to difficult conditions in a timely manner.

Water treatment operating manuals

Following commissioning, we can provide detailed operating and maintenance manuals for the entire water treatment plant so that operations personnel can record all significant plant changes such as flow-rates, pump changeovers and chemical dosing.

Operational support and training

Successful long term operation of a water injection plant depends on the training and experience of the operating personnel. It is therefore fundamental that personnel are fully trained to operate and monitor the system, and most importantly, are aware of the key technical role they play in the overall success of the project.

We can provide both short-term and long-term on-site support to enable system performance to be improved and maintained, while complying with local regulations and environmental legislation.

Technical performance review

Our team of engineers and production chemists can review and troubleshoot water injection and treatment plants that are under-performing and provide recommendations to implementation remedial measures.

Our approach is to visit site, undertake a system review and after discussions with the client's operational staff, prepare a report identifying the problems, the causes and the necessary remedial action. If required we can plan and implement the remedial works.