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Tracking down the right parts for a job can take a lot of time and effort.  After all, identifying the necessary components is only a fraction of the challenge — particularly when records are incomplete or missing — and there’s still sourcing, pricing, ordering, payment and delivery to consider.

John Crane developed its customized E-Business platform to streamline the supply chain and save its customers valuable time. E-Business offers ongoing, comprehensive support tailored to each customer’s purchase history, pricing, technical requirements and commercial agreements. With instant order placement and stored preferences, cycle times are improved and entry errors minimized. Invoicing has never been more efficient.


Easy to Use

Its easy-to-use interface allows for both quick browsing and in-depth exploration of tailored, customer-specific catalogs. Cross-referenced part numbers simplify product identification while configuration tools assist with specific product selection. Punch-out/round-trip scenarios are also supported. Integration with customer purchasing systems means that not only is setup fast — so is order placement — most orders are processed and acknowledged within 24 hours.


We protect sensitive data so our customers don’t have to worry about where their information is or who’s using it. Customers access the E-Business platform through a secure login, and no changes can be made to existing agreements without mutual approval. Previous agreements are safely archived so that files cannot be lost or accidentally duplicated. Plus, because the E-Business platform is format-agnostic, customers can keep their preferred data format to maintain internal standards.

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