John Crane Asset Management Services for Maintenance Excellence and Reliability
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Asset Management Solutions


In an ever increasing cost cutting environment, coupled with an increasing global energy demand, securing robust and effective asset maintenance systems, has never been so crucial. Our Asset Management team deliver services to improve maintenance processes and increase asset efficiency, providing the systems and data needed to reduce maintenance costs and keep your people and equipment safe.

Whether it’s new build, where the behaviour of new technology has yet to be seen, or established operations with the challenges of extending the life cycle of aging assets, we can provide you with the data and processes needed to maintain optimal production and industry compliance.

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Maintenance Excellence Services

Our Maintenance Excellence services allow you to improve the management of your maintenance procedures and workforce, to ensure compliance to crucial safety standards and reduce the risk of high maintenance costs. John Crane Asset Management experts take your specific requirements and use the latest technology to enable the efficient execution of both planned and corrective maintenance.

Reliability Services

Sustaining efficient asset performance to comply with ever increasing industry standards, means you can protect your people and maintain operational performance. John Crane Asset Management Solution reliability services improve the performance of your equipment and people, to ensure your confidence in your operations.

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