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Gas Seal Systems

Gas Seal System for Non-contacting Gas Seal and Separation Seals for Turbo Compressors

Expertise in the design, production and installation of gas seals is complemented by the ability to provide a comprehensive range of John Crane gas seal support, monitoring and control systems, which are at the heart of any reliable sealing solution.

Pic 18 VSP
  • Pic 18 VSP
  • GS System 28
  • 12841 07b
  • Pic 14 WEPP


  • Primary seal gas supply
  • Primary seal leakage
  • Secondary seal buffer gas supply
  • Secondary seal leakage
  • Separation gas supply


Temperature Limits


Pressure Limits


Standard Materials


Recommended Applications

  • Centrifugal Compressors
  • Other Compressors

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