John Crane - Sieving-Milling-Grinding
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Sieving / Milling / Grinding

Food and beverage as well as chemical and pharmaceutical industries are using milling systems in the production of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) for dry and wet milling, deagglomeration and micronization.
Range of spec.:
Sieving mills – sieve types – round-/squared-/grinding-/ rotor-type
Round hole Ø 150 µm up to Ø 8 mm
Grinding hole Ø 0.5 up to 8 mm
Squared hole 0.5 x 0.5 mm up to 16 x 16 mm
Cone sieves, sieving cylinders and half pipe shaped sieves are manufactured at Seebach for any sieving, grinding, milling and de-agglomeration stage. We offer highly flexible solutions, customized geometries and any shape and connection flange required.

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