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LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment Systems

Misalignment is the most common cause of machinery malfunction. Misaligned equipment causes premature bearing, seal, coupling and shaft failures which leads to an increase in maintenance costs. John Crane’s LASE-A-LIGN™ Shaft Alignment Systems simplify the process of shaft alignment for rotating equipment to ensure optimal efficiency.


Basic Shaft Alignment System

Precision alignment of rotating machinery is now achievable on a budget and has never been simpler than with the LASE-A-LIGN™ Shaft Alignment System. LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System is a high-precision, user-friendly alignment system, incorporating functions to eliminate human error and optimize productivity. With its straightforward and intuitive operation, LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System is a dynamic precision laser alignment measurement instrument that won't overstretch your budget.

LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System allows reports to be saved and exported in .pdf format to a memory stick. Ideal for maintenance departments in industrial organizations, this highly developed and user-friendly system measures and aligns machinery used in the power, chemical, water treatment, production and processing industries.

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Shaft Alignment System for Use in Hazardous Environments

The LASE-A-LIGN™ EX Shaft Alignment System has been designed to improve the process of shaft alignment of rotating equipment found in extreme maintenance working conditions. This measurement and alignment system can be used for all horizontal, vertical and flange mounted machines.

This newly advanced system utilizes Bluetooth™ technology to provide convenient wireless data in hazardous environments. All relevant alignment results are graphically displayed on a high resolution backlit TFT screen.


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LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System Features:

  • Active clock measurement mode — permits measurement in any arc over 70 degrees
  • Automatic evaluation of alignment based on the speed of the machine
  • Live move — both horizontal and vertical adjustments can be made live, and interactively
  • Save up to 99 measurement files in the device


LASE-A-LIGN EX Shaft Alignment System Features:

  • SWEEP measurement mode automatically and continuously collects data on hundreds of positions
  • Train alignment measures and displays the entire alignment condition of 3-machine trains, allowing for user to make an optimal machine move
  • Pipe Strain Wizard checks for strain of external sources acting on machines
  • Quick check allows alignment readings minutes after the machine has been turned off
  • Ergonomic and durable design allows system to withstand harsh environments, not just impact resistant


Maximum shaft separation

16ft/5m (LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System / LASE-A-LIGN-EX Shaft Alignment System)

Certified to

IP65 (LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System / LASE-A-LIGN-EX Shaft Alignment System)

IP67 (LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System / LASE-A-LIGN-EX Shaft Alignment System) - sensor only


Temperature Limits

14°F to 130°F/-10°C to 55°C (LASE-A-LIGN Shaft Alignment System)

32°F to 100°F/0°C to 40°C (LASE-A-LIGN-EX Shaft Alignment System)

Recommended Applications

  • Process Pumps
  • Mixer and Agitators
  • Electric Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Steam Turbines
  • Gas Turbines
  • Centrifugal Compressors
  • Cooling Towers
  • Other Compressors
  • Other Rotating Equipment
  • Generators
  • Driven Machinery
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