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Do you want to minimize leakage from your pumps in an effective manner? This is a challenge operators and maintenance managers’ face on a daily basis, which can prove costly. John Crane offers a wide selection of packing materials in Compression Packing, Automatic Packing, Floating Packing, and Injectible Packing. View our variety of packing types equipped to handle the vast majority of sealing solutions and available for nearly all applications.

Improved packing was one of John Crane's first inventions, so it's no surprise that our mechanical packing product line continues to evolve along with the industries that rely on it. When the need arose for a non-lead-based product that can withstand high temperatures, high speeds and high pressure, we developed our Style 400HP.

In 2001, when one of our mixer manufacturer customers was searching for a product that could solve extreme sealing conditions, we conceptualized and designed our Live-Loaded Mechanical Packing (LMPC).

And in response to the demand for extended seal and packing life, we engineered CPR bushing, which helps prevent process media from entering and degrading the stuffing box or seal chamber.

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Live-loaded Mechanical Packing Cartridge Seal

The Type LMPC is a cartridge seal designed for static or dynamic applications. This seal is mechanically loaded in the...

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Valve Packing

John Crane 5-Ring Valve Packing Sets are available in Standard and Utility arrangements. Standard Valve Packing: John Crane offers a...

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Compressed Non-asbestos Sheets and Gaskets


Style 2160, Style 2161, Style 3160, Style 4160, Style 5160, Style 6160, Style 2732160 — Synthetic fiber w/NBR binder2161...

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High-temperature Packing

HT Static Seals

879P and 879DW, 882G and 884G, 882K and 884K, 882SB and 884SB879P — Fiberglass (plain) 

879DW — Fiberglass (with drop warp)...

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