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MLS Series

Lip Seals

MLS-1/MLS-V/MLS-AB PTFE Cartridge Seals.

MLS-1 Standard MLS — Designed to seal positive pressure applications.

MLS-V Special MLS — Designed to seal vacuum applications.

MLS-AB Special MLS — Designed to seal abrasives and high pressure applications.

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  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • The Type MLS Series Cartridge seals are cartridge seals designed for rotary positive displacement pumps handling high-viscosity fluids.
  • The triple Chemlon seal design is an effective alternative to packing or single mechanical seals.
  • The design allows the sealing elements to run dry and function leak-free at low RPM with recurring startups.
  • The self-lubricating sealing elements are manufactured from a Chemlon blend, and are incorporated in a sealing system that consists of three independent, sequential sealing chambers.
  • The cartridge design includes a hard-coated shaft sleeve, 316 stainless steel gland with flush ports and locating clips, which are released after setting the shaft sleeve to the shaft.

Recommended Applications

  • Process pumps
  • Mixer and agitators
  • Gearboxes
  • Other rotating equipment

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