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Non-asbestos Sheet Gasketing

John Crane injectable packing consists of chopped, braided packing fibers combined with a controlled blend of greases and lubricants, resulting in a superior product favored by maintenance mechanics. Its pliability makes it easy to apply. This material can be injected via a high-pressure gun or can be packed by hand. John Crane injectable packing will conform to any size stuffing box.

2160 — Compressed sheet with a synthetic fiber base and butadiene acrylonitrile binder. This material has excellent sealability and exhibits good creep resistance.

4160 — compressed sheet with synthetic fiber base and styrene butadiene rubber binder. This material has excellent sealability, good anti-stick properties, and exhibits good creep resistance.

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2160pac lg


  • California Residents: PROPOSITION 65 WARNING
  • Color: 2160/4160: Off-white
  • Density: 2160/4160: 112lb/ft3ASTM F36A:2160/4160: 7-17%/50% (compressibility/recovery) ASTM F37A: 2160: 0.25 mL/hour
  • Sealability .58 gal./yr.4160: 0.20 mL/hour/sealability .46 gal./yr. ASTM F38B:2160/4160: 20% (creep relaxation) cross
  • Grain tensile strength: 2160: 2,000 psi(g)/138 bar(g); 4160: 1600 psi(g)/109 bar(g)
  • Maximum safety
  • High-torque retention
  • Reduces inventory (standard gasket for many applications)
  • Reduction of gasket leaks
  • Reduction of maintenance

Recommended Applications

  • Process pumps
  • Mixer and agitators
  • Other rotating equipment
  • Valves

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