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Fixed Geometry Thrust Bearings

Extreme Running Precision and Stability

Fixed geometry thrust bearings are characterized by extraordinary manufacturing precision and the highest operational performance. Extreme running precision and stability can be obtained through achieving the smallest possible bearing clearances. Under low to medium loads, fixed geometry thrust bearings are an energy-efficient solution for many rotating applications. This type of bearing can also provide an effective solution as a secondary bearing for the unloaded side of a high-load machine.

John Crane's advanced engineering capabilities and extensive manufacturing experience, together with ongoing collaboration with technical universities and institutes, is the basis for the advances in this technology and provides the foundation for providing effective solutions for the most demanding applications.

Single and compound taperland bearing options are available to optimize lubricant flow and fluid film development, while material selection is carefully considered to control bearing temperatures. Temperature monitoring is critical to ensuring bearing longevity and reliable operation.

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Combined Fixed Geometry Thrust And Journal Bearing Pic1


  • Non-contacting
  • Low energy consumption
  • Single or compound taperland thrust
  • Temperature monitoring with RTDs or thermocouples
  • Material options tailored to optimize each application
  • Split/unsplit


Standard Materials



Steel/DLC coating



Speed Limits


Load Limits


Recommended Applications

  • Process Pumps
  • Electric Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Steam Turbines
  • Gas Turbines
  • Other Compressors
  • Driven Machinery
  • Other Rotating Equipment

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