Replacing Damaged Products

Even in the most efficient plants, parts and equipment eventually need maintenance. Condition monitoring can help with planning for repairs, but in the event of unplanned maintenance, the best solution is still the one with the least downtime. That’s why John Crane established more than 200 global rapid-response centers staffed by experienced engineers who can deliver spare parts and perform repairs quickly. 

We can help when:

A replacement part or repair is needed quickly to restore operations.

Our 200+ service and repair centers are globally positioned for fast assistance with troubleshooting, repairs and spare part replacements. Customers who take advantage of our extensive range of service contracts can achieve even greater efficiency by ensuring spare parts are pre-ordered and on hand when unplanned maintenance occurs.

Corrective action is needed due to equipment failure.

We have nearly 100 years of experience with managing applications and their related equipment and components, allowing us to accurately identify and assess damage resulting from application failure. Our failure inspection reports identify which corrective actions are needed to return the part to its original condition. And if refurbishment is not be possible, we can offer replacement options from our extensive range of mechanical seals, hydrodynamic bearings, power transmission couplings and filtration systems.

Replacement products need to be handled and installed correctly.

John Crane Equipment Service can quickly dispatch an experienced engineer to consult, or customers can take advantage of our training programs — available on-site or at our fully equipped training facilities — to teach in-house maintenance personnel how to install and replace critical products. If commissioning is needed after replacement, we can assist to ensure timely startup.

Equipment continues to fail despite recent product replacement(s).

Frequent failures may point to specific reliability issues such as excessive vibration or shaft misalignment. John Crane Reliability Support and Asset Management can help identify what is causing repeated failures and recommend solutions to improve overall reliability.

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