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Design Engineering

When it comes to design engineering, every detail is crucial to reliability and safety — but even a perfect design can be compromised by suboptimal materials. To strike a balance between cost and performance, engineering designers have to analyze every detail. And at John Crane, they do. Our approach to designing dependable, mission-critical products has earned us the trust of some of the world’s largest energy services companies.

For over 100 years, John Crane has engineered high-performance products that reliably withstand extreme environments, challenging applications and evolving legislation. No matter how strict the specification or how unique the application, our applied engineering solutions maximize uptime and minimize total cost of ownership. And because our engineers are globally located, we can be there in person anytime design services are needed.

Power Transmission Coupling Design

Our coupling designs incorporate three fail-safe features to set the industry standard for safety. Anti-fly protection, torque overload protection and stress-minimizing pre-stretch also help enhance coupling life — for our M Series diaphragm coupling, that means more than 50 years of Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF). John Crane also uses high-grade stainless steel for all of its coupling designs to resist fatigue and fretting. All parts are fully machined to high tolerances to ensure a superior level of integral balance.

Mechanical Seal Design

John Crane seals are designed to accommodate many equipment standards — including API, ANSI and ISO/DIN for pumps and agitators — as well as many bespoke designs specific to OE manufacturer applications. John Crane uses computer modeling to ensure application-specific seals are designed to achieve optimum performance in specific duty conditions and equipment. We also incorporate premium and high-performance materials to maximize seal life.

Hydrodynamic Bearing Design

The reliability of journal and thrust bearings depends on appropriate application and careful attention to oil film temperatures and pressures. We consider everything from material selection to geometry optimization when identifying suitable bearings for an application, which helps extend operating life and reduce costs. For maximum system stability and minimal imbalance, our design engineers use state-of-the-art modeling software to create close-tolerance journal bearing designs that account for the dynamic coefficient of performance impact on the rotordynamic behavior of the machine. The result is reliable bearing solutions that reduce energy consumption while supporting the most challenging applications.

Filtration System Design

In contrast to welded or cast designs, our bolted filter design offers a compact footprint and reduced certification requirements with leak-free operation, easy maintenance and modification flexibility even after installation. We can even combine two filter vessels with our three-way ball valves for online changeover without interruption of flow. Our filters are available in a variety of materials that don’t affect the overall dimensions.

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